Impact - June 2015

America: A Christian Nation

There is no doubt this is, indeed, a nation built upon the foundation of God—that the Lord was the God of this nation; that it was founded upon the principles of God’s Word, upon the teachings of Christianity, and for the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ. All of that has been under enormous attack for the last few decades. In fact, so effective has been that attack that the historical revisionists have all but removed every vestige of our Christian heritage from our schools’ textbooks. Even the very monuments in the nation’s capital that point to the Christian origins of this country are being changed or removed. Continue reading

Constitution & Conscience

There is an old joke that says, “Liberals don’t care what you do, as long as it’s mandatory.” Unfortunately, there is so much truth in the joke that it is no longer funny. Those who work to increase the power of the government over all areas of life have seen great success in recent years, while the Constitution fades into the background. Continue reading