Impact - July 2015

Upholding God’s Plan for Families

A few months ago, photos of a man traveling during the Chinese New Year holiday went viral. What made them interesting was the fact that the man had his six-year-old daughter handcuffed to him as they sat waiting at a Beijing railway station.

The traveler who snapped the photos and put them on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, wrote, “They were talking and laughing so I figured the man was not a trafficker.” In fact, the father was making sure his daughter would not be kidnapped by traffickers. Because of the “one child” policy, Chinese males now outnumber females by 34 million. Men who are desperate to find a wife will pay big yuan in order to secure a bride and children are sold on the black market to childless couples.

China’s family policy is diametrically opposed to God’s plan for families. God told Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply.” He didn’t say, “You may only have one child—and if Eve conceives a girl, then abort her and try again for boy.” Continue reading

Freedom’s Holy Light

Marx and Lenin promised to give the world a “new man.” He was to be noble and selfless, concerned for the well-being of others. He was to tower above the rest of puny mankind.

Well, they gave the world a new man. But that new man, who was created by years of atheism and repression, turned out to be a monster that  ystematically had cut out of his being his heart, his conscience, and all sense of morals and ethics. That new man was reduced to nothing more than a tiger in the jungle, with no compassion or compunction. He is now capable of doing to other human beings things that you could not even dream of in your worst nightmares. Continue reading