Impact - July 2014

Defending Religious Freedom

In April, a young boy at a public school in Broward County, Florida, was told by his teacher that he could not read the Bible during his free reading time in class. According to news reports, the teacher left a voicemail for the father of fifth-grader, Giovanni Rubeo, complaining that … Continue reading

America at the Tipping Point

America at the Tipping Point is a set of seven powerful messages by Dr. D. James Kennedy on America’s Christian roots and our need to return to them.

America at the Tipping Point (720069)

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As Dr. Kennedy says in the first message, “‘America—a Christian Nation.’ That is a concept that has been so systematically blotted from the collective memory of this country as to sound in the ears of most people in America to be an alien philosophy—an intrusion of religion into the tranquility of a secular nation.” Continue reading