Impact - April 2015

The Evidence for Easter

Commentary by Dr. D. James Kennedy

When it comes to the evidence for Easter, the world’s most famous ex-atheist was impressed. Antony Flew, a leading British philosopher, argued the case for atheism for 50 years, but in 2004, at 81, he reached the conclusion that God exists. In an interview, he said that the “evidence for the Resurrection is better than for claimed miracles in any other religion.” Continue reading

Happy Resurrection Day

On behalf of my mother and the entire D. James Kennedy Ministries family, I want to wish you a happy and blessed Easter. Celebrating Jesus Christ and the free gift of eternal life is what this ministry is about. For 48 years, my dad served as Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Thankfully, hundreds of his messages were recorded—on audio and video. Continue reading