Impact - October 2014

“How Do I Vote as a Christian?”

Have you asked this question, or heard others voice it? As Christians we must think christianly about the issues, become informed voters, and then vote based on our Christian values to bring “salt” and “light” to the sphere of government and politics.

How Should We Then Vote - 2014 Biblical Guide to VotingNow, D. James Kennedy Ministries is offering two important resources to help you consider how to cast your votes in November. Continue reading

Voting and Christians

Do values voters still matter? Those who care about sanctity of life? Those who favor traditional marriage? Those who care about religious liberty? Those who believe in fiscal responsibility? Those who care about the wrong direction in which our nation is headed?

Is it possible that part of the reason the country is in such a mess right now is because for too long, too many Christians have abandoned their role as good citizens? Continue reading